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SSBBW Date Part 4
After the longest, most pungeant car ride in his life, Alex finally managed to get the beast home. His car reeked of a unique gassy odor, one that will take a few months to dissapate. He helped his monstorous sow from the back seat as her stomach released some dangerously hungry rumbles, concerning Alex. How could she be still hungry? Better yet - what was in that food that added on at least 300 pounds?
Alex attemped to haul her into his complex via the front to avoid the massive blast radius emmiting around her now 2, maybe 3 foot ass. Now Alex had to endure the painful climb to the third floor, but he had to move, and fast. Isabella's appetite increased and with each second Alex wasted, Izzie only grew hungrier. A backbreaking haul up the stairs left Alex in a tiring state, but poor Izzie was still without food. A concerned Alex quickly opened up his apartment and let the disgusting beast in, saying one last goodbye to that clean, fresh room smell.
To Alex's shock, Isabella immediate
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Skunk Lady~ :iconindieperverture:IndiePerverture 89 35 Zodiac Dragons Calendar The 2017 Gemstone Edition :iconthe-sixthleafclover:The-SixthLeafClover 90 3
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Gassy Goat Mom's Punishment :iconpoisonskunkking:PoisonSkunkKing 106 27
Digimon Life Page 66 :iconzetaby2594:Zetaby2594 3 1
Colour Dragons from Hell - 6
It took Jacob several moments to realise he wasn’t dreaming. Green stood in the exact same corner as she had stood the first night. He was paralysed. “Get up, it’s time to wake up.” If any other dragon, even his parents, had asked him to stand up, he wouldn’t have. Yellow had kept him up for the entire night so he was very tired. But this was Green. He immediately felt a lot less tired. He wanted to get up but he couldn’t out of fear. She had a faint smile, but not a kind one. More a judging one. “I said... get up.” The thought of his hand being chopped off gave him the strength. “Prepare for school.” He walked away, avoiding eye contact. In the shower he got tired again. He just stood there, letting the water slide down his body. The warm water gave him a feeling of safety, but that feeling was broken when Green entered the shower with him. And even though there was enough space because it was partly a bath, she got really cl
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Colour Dragons from Hell - 5
Jacob’s nightmares had been abstract representations of what happened to him these previous days. But this time it was spot on the same thing that happened to Veronica in Purple's story and it felt like he was there. Like he had been living in that apartment for years. Like he had been the one that had pushed Green off the balcony. Like his hand was chopped off... And all of it was narrated by Purple. The banging on the door, the knife slashing through the air, ... And the dream ended with the same line. ‘Veronica screamed and wished she had never asked about the Em… Em… Em…’
It was Monday. Time for school. Jacob had breakfast, showered, brushed his teeth and made his lunch. This was the first time he looked forward to going to school because of... wait... Jacob looked around. “Where’s the dragon?” He said out loud. The house was empty. Once he said it he could hear someone giggle in the distance. Or could he? Maybe they only visit
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Colour Dragons from Hell - 4
Jacob woke up covered in sweat. He had had another nightmare. There was food in the distance. Every time in the distance, but when he got closer Red would show up and the food would be sucked up by her ass. She then would disappear with the food. Then he would see other food in the distance. A pie, or a hamburger, ... and the same thing would happen over and over again. Jacob was tired of being hungry. He was tired because he was hungry. “This next dragon better lets me eat.” In his pyjamas he went downstairs. He could hear someone biting in something. An apple perhaps. He took a deep breath of fresh air and entered the kitchen. The dragon was eating a raw eggplant, and there was another one laying in front of her. The purple colour of the eggplant went really good together with the purple scales this dragon had. The purple dragon was holding the eggplant in her right hand and with her purple tail she held up a book in front of her face. The tail was double as long as Red a
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Colour Dragons from Hell - 3
Jacob sat on his chair. In front of him... 1 and a half burrito. Red had grabbed another chair and decided to sit right next to him. Her right shoulder was pushing against his left shoulder and her fleshy tail against his right shoulder. Red was kind of surrounding him. “What did you do with the food?” Jacob asked. "I swear I didn't do anything to the burritos." Jacob sighed. "I mean, where's all the food gone, the closet wasn't empty yesterday." “What do you mean? This is all the food.” Red pointed at the heap of beans and dough in front of Jacob. “You told me you were hungry, so why aren’t you eating?” The dragon smiled. Jacob ignored her. He was just staring in front of him. “Where’s the food?” he said again. Red sighed. “You’re not going to play it like this are you?” Red slightly started pushing him in her direction with her tail. Jacob could see the sweat dripping down on the bottom of her tail. Red sto
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Colour Dragons from Hell - 2
Jacob was surrounded by 6 dragons. They all looked exactly like Green, only their colour was different. Now you had a red Green, an orange Green, a yellow Green, ... And they all were looking at him. “Do not disobey!” They kept saying “Do not disobey!”. Then they all turned around and grew in size. They became bigger than the biggest mountain. Jacob started running. “Do not disobey.” Every dragon was starting to sit down. Jacob was going to be crushed! “Do not disobey!” The original Green’s butt kept getting closer and closer. “Do not disobey.” It crushed him. “Do not disobey!’
Jacob woke up from his nightmare. He looked around. No dragon. Not a single one. Did he dream it all? He must have dreamt it all. What did he think?! A green dragon that would visit him? Jacob was surprised by the creative things his brain came up with in his sleep. He laughed at how absurd it was. Jacob looked at his alarm. 10 am.
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Colour Dragons from Hell - 1
Jacob was a normal 18-year old boy. He had a normal look, normal ideas, a normal life… but…
Jacob was lying in his room. It was dark. He looked at his alarm. 4 am. “2 more hours of sleep and then it’s school”. He sighed. When he wanted to fall back asleep he couldn’t. It felt like something was looking at him. He was shocked when he indeed saw a figure standing in the corner of his room. As a child he knew a trick. He would throw his pillow at the ‘monster’ so it would disappear. And so he did. He was completely paralyzed when the pillow didn’t go through the figure and even more when a feminine voice said: “Good, you’re awake.” Jacob quickly turned on his light. In the corner of his room stood a woman, but it looked more like a lizard than a human. It had arms, legs and a body, but was completely green. She had a lizard like head that was smiling at him. She didn’t have wings, but she did have a big fleshy t
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Silk and Pamela :iconjohnlee2922:Johnlee2922 117 27 Fear tha Snuggle bunz :iconchilly--willy:Chilly--Willy 26 72 shibusen puppies :iconmr-tiaa:mr-tiaa 591 164
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Harley's Dirty Tricks [Collaboration] :iconhyrosdiaperdivas:HyrosDiaperDivas 363 21
ART TRADE: Air Pressure
"Hey sis, you alright?" Blake said as his sister seemed to eat the food in front of her as if she was in a contest. It was one of the few days they both found themselves with some free time so Blake's sister Brianna decided to treat her brother to some dinner, unfortunately any attempt by Blake to reach his sister was lost in the mountain of food she set up for herself.
"Bri!" Blake yelled as his sister lifter her head with a buffalo wing still in her mouth, finally getting his sister's attention, but Blake couldn't help but laugh at his usually very 'professional' sister .
"C'mon Blake, I have to be prim and proper 24/7, can't I relax a little in front of my brother?" Brianna said while finishing the wing she had in her mouth.
"It's not that, I just know you, and I know you tend to eat without really… enjoying your food… when you're nervous," Blake explained.
"Well, I guess I'm a little on edge. I have a business trip tomorrow, and usually It's not a problem, but I'm going o
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